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Fake and diverted goods not only endanger brand revenue and consumer trust, but can also put consumer health and safety at risk.

Authentix advises over 200 of the world’s leading brands, including Fortune 500 clients, on intellectual property related challenges in the digital world emanating not just from the conventional sphere of online marketplaces, but also more challenging arenas like social media platforms, NFT portals and the darknet. Authentix online brand protection solutions combine cutting-edge technological tools with expert analysis, enabling our clients to reduce infringements and counterfeits on online marketplaces, social media platforms and websites by up to 90%. Our services include:

  • Tracking trademark infringement online and removing offers for fake products
  • Tracking pirated content online and removing infringing content
  • Conducting offline investigations
  • Assisting with enforcement or settlement
  • Supporting with legal research and drafting
  • Specialized services in China


  • +
    marketplaces and social media sites monitored globally
  • K+
    infringing listings taken down every month
  • %
    success in offline raids based on our leads

Save Millions of $ in Revenue with Online Brand Protection

Industries We Serve

Authentix provides customized online brand protection solutions for multiple industries.


Authentix Stops Counterfeit Distribution of
Popular Medicinal Cream

Our client asked Authentix to help alleviate counterfeiting risks with one of its most successful and recognizable products which counterfeiters attempt to imitate and deceive unsuspecting consumers.


Advanced, Accessible Online Brand Protection Technology

Authentix has invested extensively in AI and machine-learning technology to offer advanced online brand protection services and solutions. Our tools scan data from over 500 online marketplaces, platforms and mobile apps — around the world and round the clock. We identify clusters of highly counterfeited products and major sites of counterfeiting. We simplify results for clients in a secure dashboard accessible 24×7.


Supported by Verisite™, a proprietary database of known illicit online activity and piracy related websites, our investigators quickly identify and tackle rogue websites and domain names. As a Digital Ad Assured Provider, Verisite™ also ensures that advertising revenues do not flow to websites engaged in copyright theft and other forms of illicit activity.


O2O Investigations: Expertise in China and India

Authentix offers comprehensive online to offline investigations for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Authentix has a team in China which conducts investigations both online (including through unique, crowdsourced WeChat investigations) and offline. Authentix also has a large and diverse team in India, and is well-networked within the country.


CaseDynamx by Authentix Online Brand Protection is a full-service end-to-end case management system. This includes all claims, takedown services, online or offline test purchase evidence, and all records of law enforcement investigations or legal actions regarding infringement, copyright violations, or the detection of online counterfeit products. CaseDynamx case management goes beyond just identifying and detecting infringement claims and helps our clients be proactive in pursuing remedies and track each case throughout its lifecycle while retaining all records during our entire contract period. Discover why Authentix Online Brand Protection provides full-service case management to over 250 of the world’s top luxury brands.

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Complete Brand Protection Solutions

In addition to Online Brand Protection, Authentix offers a suite of brand protection solutions to ensure your products have multiple layers of security including overt, covert and forensic features to prevent counterfeiting. Our team can help you create a custom brand protection solution that’s right for you, including online protection, secure printing, tamper-evident seals, and more that can be seamlessly integrated into your supply chain.


Online Brand Protection

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