An investigative approach to protecting your branded products and content rights online

The counterfeit business has moved from city sidewalks to global online marketplaces. While e-commerce opens new doors for traditional and start-up brands, it also provides counterfeiters and infringers lucrative access to a world-wide customer base. Fake and diverted goods endanger your business earnings and consumer faith in your brand at best and risk consumer health and safety at worst. All who are involved in online illicit trade must be held accountable. The counterfeiting problem is especially acute online and needs to be addressed, both via Authentix’ track and trace solutions and SIPI’s online brand protection services.

Authentix’s Strategic I.P. division (SIPI) provides customized online brand protection services that

  • Tracks trademark infringement and removes offers for fake products to minimize the illicit sales of counterfeited and diverted products
  • Give your authorized channels the best chance to maximize revenue
  • Minimize reputational risk
  • Pursue targets offline through field investigations and civil settlement strategies with partner law firms

Authentix and SIPI implement brand protection programs for some of the world’s most recognizable brands addressing a broad range of infringement issues online, offline and at scale. From global online surveillance and enforcement, online investigations, target verification, offline investigations to track and trace services, overt and covert physical product protection, and digital services, Authentix and SIPI deliver results.




From identification to takedown


  • +

    Marketplaces and Social
    Media sites monitored

  • K+

    Listing Infringing Intellectual Property (“IP”) Rights Taken Down Every Month

  • %

    Success in offline raids for clients based on leads provided by SIPI

Millions of $ in Revenue Saved



SIPI offers a fully managed IP protection service with local teams in India and China to identify infringing listings and enable viable action against all parties involved in the illicit trading of client brands. Our highly experienced team have direct relationships with all major marketplaces and offer clients prompt, effective, and lasting solutions.




Supported by Verisite™, a proprietary database of known illicit online activity and piracy related websites, our investigators quickly identify and tackle rogue websites and domain names. Our in-house team of lawyers are also available to file Uniform Domain-Name-Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) claims and can take other legal action to defend the client’s rights. In its capacity as a Digital Ad Assured Provider, Verisite™, also ensures that advertising revenues do not flow to websites engaged in copyright theft and other forms of illicit activity.



Comprehensive Online Investigation

SIPI investigates large networks to take down infringing listings and tracks all ROIs and KPIs then delivers intelligence services to contact and verify those targets.


  • WeChat Crowdsourced Investigations

  • Brand Assessments and Test Purchases

  • AI-based Risk Scoring & Seller Clustering

  • Image Matching

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