Online Brand Protection Strategies for Perfume & Cosmetics

Online Brand Protection for Perfumes & Cosmetics

The cosmetics and personal care industry includes makeup, perfumes, creams and lotions. It is estimated that the global cosmetics and beauty industry loses over $5 billion annually due to counterfeiting. Apart from causing brand dilution and harm to a brand’s reputation, counterfeit products in this segment pose serious health risks to consumers, as they may contain harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, beryllium and cadmium, which have been linked to cancer and eczema.

Although there have been a large number of seizures of counterfeit cosmetics and personal care products carried out in the US, the sheer scale of online counterfeiting makes monitoring your brand online and offline essential. In addition to online marketplaces, social media pages and rogue influencer videos pose a serious problem of tricking consumers into purchasing counterfeit products. Authentix Online Brand Protection for cosmetics and personal care products enforces intellectual property rights on behalf of multiple leading companies in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

At Authentix, we provide our clients an integrated online brand protection solution for the cosmetics and personal care industry that includes:

  • brand monitoring & online enforcement
  • online infringements and issue resolution assistance
  • machine-learning technology and image matching algorithms
  • brand purity assessments, purchasing and testing the authenticity of products through scent, texture and appearance


While using a variety of trademark laws, health regulations and import laws to remove illicit products online, our expert team also conducts worldwide investigations and helps protect your brand with enforcement actions. In fact, our expert team provided intelligence that led to 35 successful raids across China to seize counterfeit medicinal cream valued at over $950,000.

Read the full case study here.

Online Brand Protection Solutions For Your Perfume or Cosmetics Brand

If you’re interested in learning how Authentix can help you with online brand protection for perfume and cosmetics, schedule a consultation today. As an industry leader in brand protection and authentication, we’re here to help you ensure the integrity of your perfume or cosmetics brand through custom online brand protection solutions.


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