Banknote Security you can Count on

27 Denominations Secured and Billions of Banknotes Protected with Level 3 Technology

As a trusted partner to leading central banks, Authentix is no stranger to the complexity of currency markets. Our collaborative partnerships within the industry enable us to listen and respond with creative, innovative, cost-effective solutions.

We understand that cash must continue to be an attractive, useful and efficient option, while simultaneously maintaining public confidence. Safe-guarding banknote security and supporting quality initiatives, we provide central banks greater flexibility to maximize control and increase efficiencies in their operations by offering:

  • Five high-speed sensor platforms for authentication and note fitness
  • Jewel™: a flexible Level 3 material and sensor solution, which can be printed onto a banknote or incorporated into the substrate

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Authentix’s currency management solutions create a seamless experience for our customers providing:

  • Flexible currency management solutions that allow for maximum control.

  • A collaborative, certified network of banknote material and service providers.

  • Ease of system and feature integration.

  • Predictive analytics & artificial intelligence for currency management.


Banknote Security Program Levels

Banknote security depends upon the successful integration of multiple levels of security features within an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the public. Banknote security features are categorized into three separate levels.

  • Level 1 – overt features viewable by the public
  • Level 2 – hidden or covert features requiring a device for inspection and used by retailers and the public
  • Level 3 – machine readable features for Central Banks


Authentix Level 3 Security Solutions

Level 3 machine-readable features are the ultimate safeguard in banknote security, which is why Authentix provides Jewel™, a Level 3 security solution to Central Banks around the world. Authentix offers both optical markers and specialized sensors to be used only by the Central Bank for confirming the presence and correct response of the security materials.


Level 3 Security Features and Currency Case Study

A central bank of one of the world’s largest economies identified nearly 300 counterfeits per million notes. Learn how Authentix helped with upgrading security mid-series without disrupting commercial detection devices.

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