COVID-19 Policy Statement


Secure Printing

Innovative design and print techniques to detect and deter
critical document counterfeiting


Fraudulent and counterfeit practices span many different industries and affect many different products including critical documents. From academic institutions securing diplomas and certificates to governments protecting identification documents, today’s technology offers an array of security features that make it virtually impossible for documents to be successfully duplicated without detection and rapid remediation.

We can help you implement the right protection leveraging the skills and experience of our 55,000 square foot security print facility. For more than 40 years, we’ve protected products with complex layers of security using unique design and patent-protected printing techniques.

Unlike other printers, we can ensure the highest possible security standards with customized service to always stay one step ahead of counterfeiters.

  • Bespoke artwork by highly skilled designers
  • Customized security solutions
  • Customized multi-colored UV designs
  • Cost-effective production methods



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COVID-19 Policy Statement


At Authentix, our mission to safeguard the integrity of global commerce is our priority as we continue to focus on customer needs with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 health emergency. Our corporate leadership team is monitoring the situation closely and its potential impact on supply chain continuity.

Our first and foremost commitment is to the health and safety of all Authentix employees. As we have said when faced with other similar infectious disease situations, we will never force Authentix employees to travel to geographic areas where they are uncomfortable or that present an increased risk of exposure to infectious disease.

Effective through April 30, 2020, we have closed the Addison Texas Facility to all personnel who do not require facility equipment to conduct their job, allowing for only those functions such as production/shipping/testing as needed to continue to serve our customers. We have banned all visitors to the Addison Texas Facility as well. We encourage all Authentix sites to enact a similar ban for employee safety and to restrict visitors, but realize this restriction is subject to local needs. We have further banned all air/train travel for all employees for Authentix business purposes. We ask that all customers, vendors or suppliers support these efforts and for those who present themselves at Authentix locations to respect and adhere to our policies and procedures that may limit access on this temporary basis.

We will continue to communicate regularly with our suppliers and updating contingency plans to ensure against any adverse impact or disruption to our customers, acknowledging that we are however subject to continued government restrictions and limited availability of transportation that may continue during this time. We encourage you to reach out to your Authentix point of contact with any questions or concerns.


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