Implemented 22 national fuel integrity programs over the last 15 years.

Elected officials are tasked with providing strong, confident governance to ensure excise tax retention and growth within a stable economy. National fuel theft and diversion in the supply chain makes this a complicated endeavor. Authentix can help, showing discrepancies in fuel quality and enabling physical inspections in the field as well as lab-based testing and confirmation analysis.

We help governments protect multiple products –from crude to refined petroleum products, lubricants and liquid petroleum gas – to drive competitive advantage, enabling our customers to thrive in the complexity of fuel supply and distribution markets. We ensure the best fuel integrity program is in place, meeting expectations for a valuable return on investment.

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Why Authentix Fuel Marking & Fuel Quality Monitoring Solutions


  • Instill trust in government

    Provide visibility to fuel quality and volumes, protect tax revenues, while securing the national fuel supply chain

  • Consumers

    Combat increasing air pollution caused by adulterated fuel

  • Refiners/importers/

    Collect and analyze data for actionable insights


The markers and analyzers are typically deployed in a multi-layered solution.

The layers can include:

  • Pass / Fail – detection of the markers using immunoassay chromatography test kits for broad geographical distribution and pass / fail test results with minimal training required
  • Quantitative – mobile technology using fluorescent markers and analyzers with semi-skilled testing to quickly report results that can show dilution or adulteration levels
  • Forensic – simple and efficient collection of samples for centralized testing using mass-differentiated, non-launderable markers and gold-standard gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analyzers that provide forensic results proving dilution and adulteration.

Customer Spotlight

Authentix implemented a fuel authentication program that helped Serbia recover millions in lost excise taxes.



Benefits of a Fuel Integrity Program

  • Recover lost excise and value-added tax revenue without raising taxes
  • Prevent subsidy abuse
  • Serve the public by increasing available funding for government benefits
  • Collect data and run analytics to find and fill gaps within a fuel supply chain
  • Supports government mandates to regulate quality and monitor fuel integrity of supply at critical stages in the supply chain
  • Diminish damage to car engines and reduction in fuel economy, and combat increasing air pollution caused by adulterated fuel
  • Reduce and take action against criminal activity including smuggling, which contributes to good governance initiatives
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