Authentication Solutions
for Governments

Confident Governance

Collaborating with governments around the globe, Authentix enables leaders to gain professional confidence through authentication solutions that sustain revenue growth and competitive advantage. We work with them to ensure authentic products are sold in-country to benefit law-abiding citizens – not criminals. Fuel authentication and tax stamp solutions enable governments to collect more excise taxes, without raising taxes, for the benefit of citizens and legitimate businesses.





When deploying an authentication program, several government ministries / departments are key stakeholders in the process of selecting the right technology and committing to the success of the program.

As part of the process in developing requirements for the program, take care to include stakeholders with expertise that can provide solid, scientific guidance, which may rest in a different ministry or organization.

An often overlooked group are those responsible for ensuring that the country is meeting its national and international commitments to protect the environment. When marking fuel, any program will involve the addition of some new material into the fuel supply chain. Countries that are signatories to international environmental treaties need to ensure that anything added to the fuel sold and combusted in their country is compliant with the terms of that treaty.


Who should be part of the requirements and deployment process?

  • Ministry / Minister of Energy and / or Hydrocarbons
  • Energy Regulation Board / Commission
  • Revenue / Tax Collections Service
  • Environmental agencies
  • Customs / Border Security
  • Law Enforcement
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