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From Digital Security to Physical Security and everything in between, Authentix has expert solutions to protect your brand.



Holistic & Secure Brand Protection Technologies

Authentix partners with some of the world’s largest brand owners in multiple industries to design and deploy advanced, secure authentication solutions to identify and defend against counterfeiting, diversion and warranty fraud. Our brand protection tools are backed by a team of experts diligently working to maintain the integrity of your brand.

Online Digital Security

Authentix has a specialist in-house online brand protection system that constantly tracks and monitors your brands for intellectual property abuse, then analyzes that data to provide actionable intelligence to pursue illicit trade offline.

Our online brand protection services include:

  • Tracking and removing online intellectual property infringement
  • Tracking and removing pirated content online
  • Conducting offline investigations
  • Assisting with enforcement or settlement
  • Supporting with legal research



DigiTrax™ Data Led Security

DigiTrax™ is a digitally connected product lifecycle solution that enables authentication, journey tracking, and engagement, facilitating full visibility across all areas of your brand protection operation.
By uniquely identifying every product and combining multiple sources of logistical data together into a single solution, DigiTrax™ allows brand owners and consumers to instantly authenticate any single item using IOS or Android mobile devices.

Our brand protection solution provides supply chain security, insights and engagement through:

  • Real-time alerts, access to data and insights for decision making and actionable intelligence, allowing brand owners to make faster and smarter decisions regarding counterfeiting and diversion while building consumer trust.
  • Engaging and connecting with the consumer through tailored communications and touch points to maximize brand messaging and nurturing.


On Product Physical Security

Authentix offers a range of in-house developed, proprietary markers, label formats, and brand protection technologies applied into customers’ products or onto packaging. ​Drawing from our extensive range of physical, digital, overt, covert and forensic technologies, Authentix experts will work with brand owners to ensure an effective, robust, multi-layered solution is created for your brand protection objectives. This includes inks, markers, labels, taggants, holograms, seals, coatings, code, track & trace, digitization & consumer authentication apps.​



Trusted Security Excellence

Authentix provides end-to-end brand protection security programs to ensure that products, packaging and information are protected at each stage of the supply chain. We also maintain several quality and security certifications and accreditations for the management of and competence in laboratory tests, audit processes and procedures and high-security printing.

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