Rapid Fuel Quality Testing

QualiTrax™ is a fuel quality monitoring solution available to any company or government to increase the speed of commerce and decision-making by reducing the time and cost of fuel quality testing and inspection, while enhancing the efficacy of results.
The QualiTrax™ solution uses mobile, field-based equipment and sophisticated chemometric machine learning to provide near instant fuel quality testing results and a more rapid and efficient alternative to traditional fuel testing programs such as laboratory ASTM. As more samples are processed, the QualiTrax™ system has machine learning capabilities to perform comparative logging of confirmatory lab results to field sample results, thereby increasing the accuracy of the field results to be near lab quality over an implementation period.

QualiTrax™ can answer many frequent questions related to fuel quality such as:


QualiTrax™ Rapid Fuel Quality Testing

  • Compositional Matching

    Has this captive material’s relational composition changed at different measurement locations in the same supply chain?

    Does the material’s profile match a known or predicted profile based on the product type and supply source?

  • Material Identification

    Is the sample unleaded low octane gasoline or high octane?

    Is the sample diesel?

    Is the sample a fuel oil?

    Is the sample aviation fuel?

  • Adulteration

    Qualitative – Is this gasoline adulterated?

    Descriptive – What is the adulterant that is added?

    Quantitative – What lever or % quantity does the adulterant represent of the total sample?

  • Property Prediction

    What is this gasoline’s octane rating?

    Does this diesel sample’s sulphur content exceed 50ppm?

    Does the fuel at this retail location match the proper terminal location source?


The QualiTrax™ solution allows for comprehensive, end-to-end fuel quality monitoring and control throughout the supply chain with deployment of the following process.
QualiTrax™ Fuel Quality Monitoring Solution


Actionable Fuel Quality Data for Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Our proprietary fuel quality devices can be used for a wide variety of fuels including petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and other specialized fuels. This advanced technology, combined with the ability to integrate variable sample data results into the AXIS® cloud-based information system, gives the user a single window for complete visibility into supply chain quality integrity and program performance.


Why make QualiTrax™ part of your fuel quality testing?

QualiTrax™ is designed to streamline the fuel quality testing process. Here’s what you can expect when using QualiTrax™ for fuel quality control:

  • Faster – field-based and quick
  • More Affordable – long term reduction in laboratory sample requirements
  • More Efficient – most results in less than 2 minutes vs days for alternatives
  • Rapid deployment – implementation in just a few weeks
  • Data Collection – Integrates with AXIS® for actionable intelligence on the fly


Learn More About QualiTrax™ Fuel Quality Monitoring Solution

If you’re ready to learn more about how QualiTrax™ can enhance your fuel quality testing, contact us today or download the QualiTrax™ brochure for more information:

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