DigiTrax™ Brand Protection Cloud

DigiTrax™ is a patented cloud-based digital authentication track and trace solution that enables inspectors as well as consumers and other key stakeholders to instantly identify genuine from falsified products. This cloud-based solution also offers instant authentication and traceability at the unit level, via a smartphone, without the need to download a separate app.

Using any smartphone model, DigiTrax™ can authenticate products with a unique physical product tag to gain visibility to product origin, geo-location of authentication scans, and other important supply chain related activities. This data is collected and aggregated into our secure database providing actionable insights via customized reports.

  • Secure Tag

    Unique Fingerprint

  • Simple Scan

    Use any smartphone to authenticate product

  • Smart Data

    Geolocate scan information and results


Brand Protection Cloud Dashboard

  • Pinpoints location of possible counterfeit and diversion activity based on custom rule thresholds
  • Includes precise geographical information of scan activity
  • Retrieves information about the pedigree of product (manufacturing date, customer name, order number)
  • Provides marketing insights on consumer behavior and preferences while enabling consumers to continue to engage with your brand and link to other communication channels
  • Compatible with mobile apps for brand experts


Insights in Action

DigiTrax™ can pinpoint the exact location of potential counterfeit retailers in just a few clicks.

  • System automatically flags suspicious activity

  • Map tools allow drilling down to street level

  • Clustor location matched to liquor store

  • Suspicion that stores are test scanning counterfeit labels before applying on fake bottles


Why Make DigiTrax™ Part Of Your Brand Protection Program?


Difficult to reproduce

  • Tag features a unique, one-of-a-kind encrypted fingerprint along with variable 2D code


User friendly

  • Can be used with any smartphone model
  • No need to download a separate app
  • Requires no proprietary device and minimal training

Instant in-field authentication

  • Empowers brand owners, inspectors and consumers
  • Enables continued consumer engagement after authentication


Geo-locate detection of falsified or diverted goods

  • Provides instant transparency throughout the product supply chain
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