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About Authentix

Authentix, a leading global authentication and information services company, assists customers in combating illicit trade and managing the integrity of their global supply chains.

With comprehensive end-to-end authentication solutions, we help safeguard customers in refined fuels (e.g. gasoline, diesel, lubes, and LPG) and branded products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and spirits industries) from counterfeiting, product theft, product diversion, and adulteration. In addition, we help protect currencies for many leading central banks.

Authentix has been a pioneer in authentication technologies for over twenty-years, and in that time has earned the following credentials:

  • Global leader in covert fuel marking programs, having marked over two trillion liters of fuel
  • Authentix marks 20% of motor gasoline consumed in the United States
  • Trusted partner to seven of the top global pharmaceutical companies
  • Security technology of choice for eight central banks, and twenty-three denominations
  • Technology provider to the largest operating tax stamp program

Authentix operates on five continents and has a track record of success operating authentication programs since 1998.

Our programs deliver demonstrable return on investment, whether in support of fiscal tax programs or state sponsored quality programs, and contribute to our greater than 95% year-over-year retention rate for the last ten years.
Authentix has differentiated itself through our end-to-end authentication solution, but equally so by the quality and reputation of our people.

We believe everything we do at Authentix contributes to the protection and betterment of society by ensuring the integrity of products, brands, and global commerce. That a system of fair and open commerce serves as a powerful agent for good throughout the world. When this system is comprised by illicit trade, civil society is weakened.

Every Authentixian is guided by these beliefs and a commitment to “always with integrity.” Our people continue to be our greatest asset and are recognized worldwide as trusted advisors and experts in their respective fields.