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Who Is Authentix

As the authority in authentication solutions, Authentix helps you thrive in supply and distribution chain complexity. We provide advanced authentication solutions for governments, central banks and commercial products, ensuring local economies grow, banknote security remains intact and commercial products have robust market opportunities.

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Our Mission

To safeguard the integrity of global commerce by delivering innovative authentication solutions.

Industries Served

Governments: Authentix works with governments to ensure authentic products are sold in-country to benefit law abiding citizens – not criminals. Fuel authentication and tax stamp solutions enable governments to collect more excise taxes without raising taxes for the benefit of citizens and legitimate industries.

Central Banks: Authentix develops and implements advanced, Level 3 authentication technologies and high-speed sensors. These solutions safeguard banknote security and support quality initiatives, providing central banks greater flexibility to maximize control and increase efficiencies in their operations.

Commercial Products: Authentix’s advanced authentication solutions protect manufacturers in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and consumer product industries. These solutions mitigate risks to promote revenue growth and gain competitive advantage, protecting both the brand and product in complex supply and distribution chains.


Value Delivered

Thrive in Complexity: Authentix thrives in the most complex environments – from multi-national fuel programs to pharmaceutical regulatory compliance to the global currency trade. We understand the systems, processes and nuances, increasing decision confidence to protect both investments and consumers.

Grow Revenue: Through Authentix’s advanced authentication solutions, you can mitigate the risks associated with fraudulent losses to extract your full revenue potential. Consistent authentication programs result in increased consumer confidence, loyalty and brand value, which can bolster future earnings.

Gain Competitive Advantage: Competitive advantage can be found in Authentix’s comprehensive solutions. As we anticipate and identify issues within supply and distribution chains, we enable government, brand and product protection.


Our people continue to be our greatest asset and are recognized worldwide as trusted advisors and experts in their respective fields.
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