Brand Protection Solutions for Tobacco and Nicotine Products

Protect your brand from the risks of counterfeiting, diversion, refilling, and other illicit nicotine delivery products.

Brand protection programs for tobacco and nicotine products help manufacturers detect, identify and deter fraud. Authentix has brand protection technologies providing overt, covert, and forensic security features on products, packaging, or labels including EU TPD-compliant security labels. Experience the Authentix difference:

  • Track and trace capabilities including providing the software used to issue unique user IDs
  • Multiple layers of custom-designed security features available
  • Seamless supply chain integration, program management, and implementation assistance
  • Over 25 years protecting major brands and consumers

Using a customized Authentix brand protection solution, brand owners can quickly implement measures to reduce counterfeiting, detect and stop diversion, and secure supply chains with improved visibility. Authentix works with clients to ensure products can be quickly and easily authenticated, comply with regulatory requirements, and grow revenue while protecting brand integrity. Another primary goal is to always protect the client’s loyal consumers from dangerous illicit products. Our programs align with existing manufacturing, packaging, and printing processes including ongoing proactive program review allowing periodic operational adjustments to maximize efficiency and increase the envelope of product protection.

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