Fuel Marking Programs

to Authenticate Your Products


Authentix delivers fuel marking programs that ensure fuel authenticity by detecting fuel manipulation issues such as adulteration, dilution, substitution, and smuggling. Our chemical markers are environmentally friendly and CHON compliant, difficult to compromise, and tailored to protect all fuel types.

Authentix also offers a broad portfolio of field analyzers, test kits, and forensic lab-based testing.

Fuel Analyzers:

Portable Field Analyzer

This portable and durable field analyzer is designed to detect non-launderable and environmentally-safe markers. This self-contained and highly portable device is easy to use and can be used anywhere. Results are instantly stored in secure, cloud-based database.

Field Test Kit

The Authentix Lateral Flow Device (LFD) is a simple field test designed to give terminal operators and station owners quick results in the field to indicate if the fuel is meeting specifications.

Fuel Quality Analyzer

The Authentix fuel quality monitoring solution QualiTrax™ is designed to increase the speed of commerce and decision-making by reducing the time and cost of fuel quality testing and inspection. Our solution uses field-based equipment and sophisticated chemometric modeling to provide near instant quality testing and a more robust, rapid, efficient and affordable alternative to traditional testing programs such as ASTM.

Forensic Lab-Based Analyzer

This system isolates the different components of fuel, and quantitatively measures the forensic marker. This forensic Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry lab-based fuel marker analyzer allows governments and oil companies to confidently take action against those committing fuel manipulation and fraud.


How to Get Started on a Fuel Marking Program?

As the authority in authentication solutions, Authentix helps customers thrive in supply and distribution chain complexity. Our partnership approach and proven sector expertise inspires proactive innovation, helping you mitigate risks to promote revenue and competitive advantage.

To start the process, simply contact Authentix.

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