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Many government agencies and organizations are challenged with implementing the right solutions to deter fraudulent alterations of significant personal documentation. The need for high-security documents is a common request that requires thoughtful, unique brand protection solutions produced by highly skilled technicians in the print industry.

For more than 35 years, Authentix Security Print Solutions has supplied the following types of critical documentation:

  • Tax and financial documents
  • Government bonds
  • Birth documents
  • Marriage documents
  • Death certificates
  • Company certificates
  • Apostille documents
  • Medical prescriptions

The strength of our design and print process is complex and customised with a multi-layered approach including visible, invisible, machine-readable and forensic security features. The first line of defense is overt security features that offer a quick and easy detection of fraudulent products. Our highly secure covert marking solutions use a versatile security marker, integrated into one of the visible or invisible inks to be read by a handheld detection device. All of these features can be combined as needed to defend the integrity of products, protect brand value and ensure consumer trust.



Only a team with the right skills, technology and proven experience offer the versatility and flexibility needed to develop an unmatched range of bespoke security documents.

  • Unique, controlled-supply genuine watermark CBS1 security paper that cannot be obtained by any other company/individual
  • Bespoke and highly secure holographic foil that acts as a visual deterrent and anti-copy feature
  • Branded overprint of the hologram, personalising it with customer logos
  • Secure digital infill and mailing can all be carried out within our Intergraf accredited site and produced to ISO International Standards

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