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Excise Tax Recovery

We collaborate with finance ministries, revenue agencies and customs departments to better understand their tax collection challenges and the complexity of supply and distribution chains operating within their country. These consultative efforts enable us to develop effective and efficient tax stamp programs that will not only increase tax revenues, but also protect citizens from the harmful effects of contraband while ensuring fair and open commerce.

The Authentix TransAct™ digital tax stamp solution combines tax stamps with multi-level security features with a traceability element for supply chain visibility, combating different forms of criminal activity, ensuring tax stamp enforcement and securing the supply chain security.

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  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in lost taxes recovered

  • Protected products include tobacco, alcohol, carbonated beverages & water

  • Actionable intelligence to efficiently target enforcement resources to fight illicit trade


Flexible Marking Options

TransAct™ delivers multiple tax stamp options to meet specific customer needs. Available solutions include wet glue applied or self-adhesive stamps as well as secure, digital marks applied by ink jet printing directly onto the excisable product. The high security tax stamps contain an effective combination of overt, semi-covert, machine readable covert and forensic features combined with a track and trace element incorporated into aesthetic designs, which communicate national pride. Authentix’ handheld readers and mobile device applications are available for field authentication and the communication of results to the information system.

TransAct™ Digital Tax Stamp Solutions Capabilities

Authentix prides itself on working closely with industry and tax authorities to design flexible programs with minimum disruption to manufacturers and maximum returns for Government Tax Authorities. Operating in the most demanding markets across the globe, TransAct™ solutions include the following capabilities to enhance the collection of excise taxes:

        • a wide range of fiscal marking options (stamps, banderols, directly applied markings)
        • overt, semi-covert, covert, and forensic security features for fiscal markings
        • fiscal mark production, inventory management, and logistics
        • production monitoring
        • information technology platform leveraging a traceability solution to provide:
        • central enforcement
        • solution monitoring
        • query management
        • customer customizable reporting
        • field enforcement
        • service support and maintenance
        • training and capacity building
        • project management, testing and implementation

Integrated Reporting

Through the user-friendly cloud-based Transact™ Management Information System, revenue agencies are able to:

        • approve the registrations of program participants
        • approve the ordering of stamps or codes
        • monitor the fulfillment status of orders
        • monitor the enforcement activities by the field agents
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