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Authentix Security Print Solutions produces very secure ID documents.

Protecting our borders and our citizens’ identity is a critical component to governments around the world. The level of features added to government documentation can help minimize illicit activities. From concept to design, our visa labels are manufactured to the highest standards in our Intergraf approved site meeting ISO Internationally accredited standards.

From pre-press, overprinting of holograms, die-cut to finishing, the entire label is produced in-house. The strength of a visa document is in the combination of security features. Authentix’ security documents provide visible, invisible, machine-readable and forensic security features to produce multilayer visas, which add complexity to fraudulent copying activities and help prevent illegal entry into the country.


High-security visa labels offer customers and end-users the following:
  • Visible security features as the first line of defense in all secure documents.
  • Overt eye-catching high-security designs and specialist inks protect the document from counterfeit.
  • Patented security graphic techniques that can be printed in invisible inks to create a unique invisible authentication solution.
  • Secure covert marking solutions with a versatile marker integrated into one of the visible or invisible inks. Security features are only verifiable in the field by a trained inspector with a handheld detection device.
  • A highly secure combination of features to fight against counterfeit and fraud.

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