Online Brand Protection Strategies For Wine & Spirits

Online Brand Protection for Wine & Spirits

According to some estimates, nearly 1 in 4 bottles of alcohol consumed worldwide is counterfeit, resulting in billions of dollars of lost revenue. The problem is especially serious in countries or provinces where there are prohibition laws, giving rise to an underground alcohol market. Alcohol counterfeiting generally takes two forms: a method where used bottles are refilled and a more sophisticated method where entire bottles are manufactured from customized replica molds and then filled. Frequently, counterfeiters fill wine and spirits bottles with concoctions that contain chemicals like cleaning fluid, ethyl acetate and nail polish remover.

Apart from constituting trademark infringement, counterfeit alcohol sales pose obvious health risks and may even cause fatalities. Authentix Online Brand Protection for wine and spirits represents some of the world’s largest and most recognizable alcohol brands. We use a combination of trademark laws, health laws and trade regulations to takedown counterfeit alcohol listings on major marketplaces and social media platforms. We have also conducted physical investigations in developing countries and worked with local law enforcement to shut down counterfeit bottle-manufacturing plants.

Our investigator approach and proprietary technology come into play with online brand protection strategies such as:

  • 24X7 surveillance of over 500 online marketplaces
  • information pipelines in areas with major grey and black markets for counterfeit wine and spirits
  • close working relationships with international industry bodies to help track and take down dangerous infringers and counterfeiting rings misusing your brand’s name and imitating the look and feel of your products

From investigation to takedown, we support your brand and ensure that your customers are protected from the dangers of counterfeit wine and spirits.

Online Brand Protection Solutions For Your Wine or Spirits Brand

If you’re interested in learning how Authentix can help you with online brand protection for wine and spirits, schedule a consultation today. As an industry leader in brand protection and authentication, we’re here to help you ensure the integrity of your wine or spirits brand through custom online brand protection solutions.


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