Online Brand Protection for Consumer Goods

Consumer goods account for the largest proportion of items searched and purchased on the Internet. Unsurprisingly, it is the sector most awash with counterfeit goods. With so many counterfeit consumer goods available, it is often impossible for the public to distinguish fakes from the real thing.

Authentix offers the consumer goods industry an integrated online brand protection solution that includes:

  • brand monitoring & online enforcement
  • intelligence services including test purchases, 020 investigations and market intelligence
  • offline investigations

As companies invest a great deal of time and money to procure and license intellectual property rights that protect their goods, Authentix is here to monitor, investigate, and when required, implement enforcement procedures to protect those investments. Our online brand protection strategies are designed to keep your brand safe from the dangers of counterfeit consumer goods.

Online Brand Protection Solutions For Your Consumer Goods Brand

To learn how Authentix can help you with online brand protection for consumer goods, schedule a consultation today. As an industry leader in brand protection and authentication, we’re here to help you ensure the integrity of your consumer goods brand through custom online brand protection solutions.


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