Security Inks


You should have various applications with highly secure covert and overt marking solutions to apply onto your packaging, labels, seals, and closures.  To help protect your brand and consumers, our product authentication solutions leverage forensic technologies that can be seamlessly integrated within your existing ecosystem of suppliers and partners.

Our secure inks are customizable in  a variety of colors or coatings, are compatible with most conventional or digital printers, and applicable on most substrates. Below is just a sample of the multiple solutions implemented for our portfolio of commercial customers.


Printing Methods

  • Flexographic
  • Screen
  • Offset
  • Letterpress
  • Gravure
  • Intaglio
  • Pad Printing
  • Ink jet
  • Digital


Multilayered, optically variable, reversible hidden image revealing special effects upon thermal activation – for security labels and tamper evident seals


Color Shifting Inks

Optically variable, with the appearance of two or more distinctive opaque or transparent colors when changing viewing angles – for security labels, tamper evident seals, and folding cartons


HP Indigo ElectroInk

Machine readable, invisible, integrates into graphics – for labels, packaging, security seals, high security covert authentication


Conventional and Digital UV Fluorescent Inks

Hidden images are revealed when exposed to UV light. A variety of colors are available


Multilayered, optically variable, visual text reversibly disappears by revealing hidden message upon thermal activation – for security labels and tamper evident seals


Visible/Overt Digital Inks

Visible variable data or image is identifiable using a proprietary visualization tool and/or verifier (authentication serialization application)


Covert Digital Inks

Covert variable data or image is revealed using a proprietary visualization tool (for traceability on packaging and anti-diversion applications)

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