Thermal Transfer Printing Security



Thermal Transfer Printing Ribbons with Traceless® Covert Security

Authentix now offers brand owners and authorized contract manufacturers a method to quickly deploy a sophisticated covert security ink to products and labels by simply substituting Authentix Traceless® Security Thermal Transfer Ribbons (STTR) into existing TTR printers. In just moments, you can transition from standard TTR printing to a specialized and covert STTR solution only verifiable with a specialized Authentix handheld reader.


Benefits of Authentix Traceless® Security Thermal Transfer Ribbons:

  • Print linear and 2D barcodes including GS1 compliant QR and Data Matrix codes
  • Print variable product information such as date, time, lot number, line number and product ID
  • Works with most substrates including paper, plastics, and textiles
  • Print on apparel labels, hangtags, footwear labels, shipping labels, or directly print on product components, etc.
  • Virtually any components printed on using standard TTR printers can be instantly converted to this sophisticated STTR solution
  • Secure verification for use in multiple industries including apparel, footwear, automotive, electronics, and more
  • Easy set up: Drop-in implementation with virtually any existing TTR printer
  • Manufactured using ARMOR-IIMAK®’s high quality resin ribbon with excellent durability and stability
  • Can be combined with Authentix DigiTrax™ to provide authenticated digital UIDs or QR codes in combination with a cloud-based authentication and journey tracking solution
  • Traceless® Ultra handheld analyzers provide instant confirmation of authenticity
  • Custom ribbon sizes are available for minimum volume commitments
  • Sample ribbons and analyzers are available for trial testing to qualified clients*

These proprietary security ribbons are manufactured via an exclusive partnership with ARMOR-IIMAK®, a global leader in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon industry since 1983. Our STTRs are supplied by Authentix to qualified clients*. The covert security ink used in the ribbons is an ARMOR-IIMAK approved formulation jointly engineered and industry tested for over a decade by trusted brand names. Authentix Traceless® Security Thermal Transfer Ribbon is the fastest method to implement highly secure brand protection with virtually no interruption or process change required. Implementing brand protection has never been easier.

Partners in Security Thermal Transfer Technology




For more than 40 years, ARMOR-IIMAK has been developing Thermal Transfer Technology to enable users to print their traceability data in a reliable, safe and durable manner in all environments and on all media. With state-of-the-art printing laboratories, ARMOR-IIMAK offers brands and their customers advanced print testing to help find the most reliable and sustainable solution for each product.

Traceless® Ultra Handheld Analyzer

Security Thermal Transfer Ribbon print can be verified by the Traceless® Ultra Analyzers which are manufactured only by Authentix and leased to our clients for field or factory use. This analyzer is precision built for reliability, durability and accuracy, even under extreme conditions. It has been used for over a decade in multiple industries and is ideal for fast, non-destructive testing and instant authenticity confirmation.




Brand Security with Authentix Traceless® Security Thermal Transfer Ribbons

If you’re ready to learn more about including our security thermal transfer ribbons for brand protection, contact Authentix today! Our expert team will quickly help you determine the best solution. Our level of service and assistance for the integration of security into your business is our only business.


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