Security Markers & Taggants

Security markers and taggants are key product authentication solutions in your brand protection lineup. Adding these markers to your products without compromising product integrity requires expertise: that’s where Authentix can help.

Authentix’ history is as an analytical chemistry company. Our core capability in developing robust molecular security markers, purpose built to withstand adulteration and illicit laundering methods, has earned us the reputation as the premier covert marker developer and supplier. In addition to our product authentication markers and taggants being highly secure, they are also compliant with environmental policies and best practices.


Molecular Security Markers for Anti-Counterfeiting
Security Markers and Taggants

  • Detect Adulteration
  • Recover Excise Tax
    On Fuel
  • Prevent Illicit Activity

Types of Authentication Markers

Molecular Markers

Detectable with specialized laboratory equipment, an extensive library of molecular security markers can integrate directly to a product or be combined with many other print or label solutions for forensic and defensible proof of authenticity.

Recognition Markers

Ingestible and FDA-compliant forensic markers for integration are added directly into products such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and spirits. These security markers can be field tested by customers using a specialized low-cost Lateral Flow Device (LFD), or in one of our test labs using state of the art Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).

Optical Markers

Using organic dyes, optical authentication markers are soluble in fuel products and detectable with Authentix field detection devices.



More than three trillion liters of fuel marked for national
governments and commercial companies.

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