Tamper Evident Seals

Protect your products with tamper evident seals. These security seals and labels provide evident and obvious signs of tampering, opening, or forced entry to the product or packaging. As part of a robust physical brand protection strategy, anti-tamper seals help ensure both product and brand integrity.


Types of Tamper Evident Security Seals

Authentix offers a variety of tamper evident security seals and labels as part of our product authentication solutions:

Transparent Labels for Anti-Tampering

Transparent Security Labels

An array of choices in transparent and holographic labels can be combined with almost any of our covert and overt security solutions.

Self Destructible Paper Label Security Seals

Self-Destructible Security Paper Seal Labels

Paper seal labels that are self-destructive if removed can be combined with overt and covert security features including security inks or encrypted, digital smart phone detectable solutions.

Secured Tamper Evident Seals & Shrink Sleeves

Secured Tamper Evident Seals & Shrink Sleeves

Multilayered anti-tamper seal labels which, upon tampering, permanently reveal an embedded covert message or image.

Security Inks For Brand Protection

Machine-Readable Security Labels

These security labels carry a unique signature with a variety of codes only detected by Authentix devices. Read through outer packaging, we execute flexible application of ink, coatings and plastics.

Enhance Your Brand Protection With Tamper Evident Seals

If you’re ready to learn more about making tamper evident security seals and labels part of your brand protection strategy, contact Authentix today! Our expert team will help you determine the right anti-counterfeiting solutions for your unique needs.


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