The Mark of Quality



The name Assure was chosen to highlight how a fuel authentication solution can deliver on your brand promise to customers and verify the additive levels in the product sold under your name. Whether you have concern about the retailers engaging in grade switching or your terminal network needs oversight, an Assure fuel authentication solution will provide peace of mind.

About Assure

Authentix, the authority in authentication solutions, has been working with major global oil companies for over 20 years deploying fuel authentication solutions that ensure your customers are getting what they have paid for and uncovering problems in additive treat rates.

With Assure, Authentix is the only authentication company able to deliver an end-to-end offering for fuel brand protection that includes a suite of marker and analyzer technology, the Authentix  Information System (AXIS®), and comprehensive services.

How it works – 1-2-3

Assure is built on Authentix’s core capabilities: chemical markers and analyzers, the AXIS® Information System, and Authentix Services.
1. Services – A team of fuel marking experts will work with your fuel sales and marketing personnel to identify the program goals for marking and field sampling.

  • Advisory services recommend best practices, quickly identifying vulnerable spots in the supply chain and outlining enforcement strategy options.
  • Design services develop the best solution architecture – including which fuels will be marked and where, the sampling regime to be put in place and the technology to be used. Assure programs typically include field sampling at retail stations – to be performed with your resources or 3rd party companies – then the samples are sent to the Authentix headquarters for laboratory testing, but other program models can be used.
  • Implementation services deploy Authentix project management and technical resources at the terminals to set up secure, standardized marking procedures to get the program up and running quickly. Based on the program design, training for any 3rd party companies is included in the project.
  • Operational support includes a dedicated program manager who provides day-to-day oversight of all aspects of the program, from looking for trends in results that may identify a problem, to performing the periodic terminal audits to ensure standard procedures and quality control practices are in use.

2. Markers and Analyzers – During the design phase the right markers and analyzers will be selected depending on the fuels to be marked, and where and how the sampling and testing will be done.

  • Authentix utilizes an integrated “lock and key” approach that allows the greatest security and accuracy.
  • A multi-layered approach can be employed by including several markers in the additive blend, such as one that can be tested for in the field, backed up by a marker detected by forensic laboratory testing. This approach allows for geographically-disbursed, rapid field testing with lab confirmation for enforcement action.

3. Information System – The Authentix Information System (AXIS®)  aggregates the data from marking operations, field sampling operations, testing results and other sources to present data-driven, actionable insights. The system is configurable to meet customer-specific business rules with the ability to schedule field sampling, forecast and detect trends, provide real-time reporting and accumulate information into case files.

How to get started

Authentix has been assisting oil companies for 20 years with advanced authentication solutions that help you effectively mitigate risk to promote revenue growth and competitive advantage.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary supply chain assessment and learn how Assure can be custom-tailored to meet your company’s challenges with brand protection in refined fuels. Our partnership approach and proven sector expertise inspires proactive innovation, helping you mitigate risks to promote revenue growth and gain competitive advantage.