Sherlox for Brand Insights



The name Sherlox® was chosen to highlight the superior investigative and case management capabilities of Authentix’s brand protection offering.

New Authentix reader and cloud technology enable instantaneous in-field authentication and mobile connectivity delivering brand insights directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Brand investigators can now quickly assemble reports and data to more quickly take action against counterfeit activity.

About Sherlox

Authentix has over twenty years of experience assisting customers in fighting counterfeiting activity. We are the only authentication company to deliver a formal end-to-end offering for brand protection that includes a suite of marker and reader technology, a powerful information system, and comprehensive services.

How it works – 1-2-3

Sherlox is built on Authentix’s core capabilities: chemical markers and readers, the AXIS® Information System, and Authentix Services.
1. Services – A brand protection specialist will work with you to identify your program goals and current brand protection challenges.

2. Markers and Readers – During the design phase the right markers and readers will be selected depending on what you want to mark, and where and how you choose to conduct the sampling.

  • Authentix utilizes an integrated “lock and key” approach that allows the greatest security and accuracy
  • A multi-layered approach can be employed including overt markers that can be used by consumers or inspectors as well as covert markers which require an Authentix reader
  • Readers are selected based on program needs such as field or lab authentication and forensic reporting requirements

3. Information System – The AXIS Information System aggregates the data from field sampling operations and other sources to present data-driven, actionable insights. The system is configurable to meet customer-specific business rules with the ability to schedule field sampling, forecast and detect trends, and provide real-time reporting.

How to get started

Contact us to schedule a complimentary brand protection assessment and learn how Sherlox can be custom-tailored to meet your brand protection challenges.