Authentication Solutions for Brand Protection


Authentix commercial brand authentication programs enable brand owners to mitigate risks of counterfeit products entering the market while increasing revenue growth and competitive advantage. We currently serve major commercial brand industries including pharmaceutical, spirits and premium drinks, agrochemical, health and beauty, fast moving consumer goods, tobacco, and more.

Our customers experience revenue growth as we mark all branded products to detect diversion, dilution, adulteration and counterfeiting. Doing so, strengthens market transparency, returns diverted revenue and decreases liability. As supply chains become more secure, manufacturers can monitor inventories more closely. This provides financial and manufacturing predictability.

Our brand protection programs help brand owners to:


  • Detect

    Manufacture proprietary markers in house for control over quality and consistency

  • Identify

    Understand authentication and regulatory requirements throughout the development, trial and manufacturing lifecycles.

  • Deter fraud

    Produce the authentication interfaces for effectiveness, security and speed


Work with our team of experts to select the types of inks, applications and printing methods for different packaging to meet your anti-counterfeiting needs. We mark all branded products to detect diversion, dilution, adulteration and counterfeiting. We leverage the following authentication features on products to protect your brand and the consumer:

  • Overt: Visible to the naked eye, allowing consumers, inspectors and government agencies to easily identify the authenticity of the package. Technologies commonly employed for overt security include:
    • Optically-variable inks
    • Pearlescent inks
    • Gold and silver inks
    • Anti-tampering technologies (tamper-evident closures and labels)
    • Optical security technologies (holographic seals and labels)
  • Covert: Utilize an image or substrate feature invisible to the naked eye, often printed with covert security inks on primary and/or secondary packaging. These covert features can only be detected using a proprietary detector and are highly secure. Examples of covert security features include:
    • Heat-activated inks
    • Color-revealing inks
    • Light-activated inks
    • Fugitive inks
    • Inks or materials with specialized taggants
    • UV-activated inks
  • Forensic Level: Utilize a molecular level marker confirmed through specialized lab equipment specifically tuned for ppb detection levels. In some cases, molecular level markers can be detected using a disposable field analyzer. The use of forensic markers allows companies to pursue legal actions, conduct covert private investigations, and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.


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