The ABC’s of Brand Protection

The quintessential guide to protecting your products from the dangers of counterfeiting, diversion, tampering, and adulteration. 

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Protecting your most valuable assets – customers, brand and revenue – is more important than ever.

With the growing counterfeiting epidemic that extends across a multitude of global industries, brands are realizing financial losses and more importantly added risk to consumer health and safety. The good news is that implementing today’s anti-counterfeiting solutions to detect and deter fraud is growing more sophisticated, affordable and accessible

Take a few minutes to review a thorough ebook that examines many facets of brand protection:

  • Why is it necessary?
  • How does it work?
  • Who is vulnerable?
  • How to implement an effective program?
  • What to look for in a technology partner?
  • What emerging technologies to consider?

These keys areas will help you develop a proactive authentication strategy that will prevent unauthorized product placement in the market.

Protect what matters most – Customers. Brand. Revenue.

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  • Fuel authentication program helps Serbia recover
    millions in lost excise taxes

    More than 930 million liters of fuel marked, and the Serbian government began to see significant evidence that the program was working.

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  • Major US Fuel Marketer Protects its Brand Promise
    and Revenue Stream

    The oil company has experienced a 7% decrease in failure rate directly attributed to a reduction in the commingling of non-branded gasoline with branded product.

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  • Level 3 Security Features and Currency

    Counterfeiting put one of the world’s largest economies at risk when rates reached nearly 300 counterfeits per million notes.

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  • How One Country Increased Excise Tax Collection

    Learn how one African nation overcame under reporting of production volumes and product smuggling of tobacco, spirits, beer, soda and bottled water.

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  • Pharmaceutical Counterfeits Threaten $1 Billion Pipeline of Product

    Counterfeit copies of major pharmaceutical brand were discovered in the US market. With no security measures in place to allow patients or inspectors to easily identify counterfeit goods.

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