Level 3 Security Features and Currency

Level 3 Security Features and Currency

The Issue

Counterfeiting put one of the world’s largest economies at risk when rates reached nearly 300 counterfeits per million notes. The primary target was one of the most frequently transacted denominations. In response, the Central Bank was tasked with upgrading security mid-series without disrupting commercial detection devices.

The Solution

To increase the banknote’s security, the Central Bank needed to add a flexible Level 3 machine readable security feature — one compatible with both paper and polymer banknotes and capable of integrating seamlessly within the existing design. Implementation flexibility was the primary criterion, which is why the bank chose Authentix to implement the most flexible Level 3 security solution in the industry, Jewel™.

Authentix integrated the Jewel feature into the banknote via two different print methods, overprint varnish and offset, to cover all denominations. On-press as well as offline QC devices were installed at the printworks to support the Central Bank’s robust quality program. Authentix provided high speed sensors for the bank’s single note inspection systems (BPS 2000) and their M7 cash processing systems.

The Results

The bank’s response strategy reduced counterfeit rates tenfold. Jewel not only increased the banknote’s security but also lowered the cost of its Level 3 protection. Counterfeit rates continue to steadily decrease as the bank marks more than a billion notes per year with Jewel.

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