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Innovative Authentication Products

Years of building our solutions expertise, together with our longstanding collaboration with our global customers, gives us insights into real-world application challenges and helps boost our ability to collaborate successfully in key market segments. Authentix innovative analyzers and detectors ensure that our customers are confident they are implementing proven comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solutions that combine field and central lab analysis as appropriate.


Authentix Products:



Fuel Marking

Our suite of fuel marking products enable stakeholders to combat adulteration, dilution and smuggling.


Analyzers & Detectors

Our covert markers are only as useful as the devices that detect them and give their presence (or lack thereof) meaning. Whether used in the field to identify illicit activity or to perform laboratory analysis to provide court-defensible evidence of adulteration, our collection of authentication devices covers it all.


Brand Protection

Our solutions are designed to help prevent unauthorized products from being placed on the market. Our team will work with you to implement a custom authentication solution leveraging security inks, applications and printing methods to help with your anti-counterfeiting needs.



Information & Data Management

The Authentix Information System, AXIS® is an integrated set of software applications that are designed to enable the successful deployment and operation of an authentication program. Whether a fuel marking program or brand protection, each application delivers a set of features and functionality that simplify record keeping through the marking, quality control, sample gathering, testing and device management processes. This data is then compiled as evidence in case files for enforcement action.



Tax Stamp

Authentix offers technologies that can support a variety of tax stamp programs. Depending on your needs, we offer traditional programs relying upon basic secure tax stamps, digital excise tax recovery programs where a unique, encrypted code is printed directly onto the item, or hybrid tax stamp programs where a tax stamp contains an encrypted bar code in addition to a collection of overt and covert security features.



Secure Documents

Our high-security documents incorporate customized design and a complex printing process with a multi-layered approach to protect critical documentation.


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