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Fuel Marking Solutions

Fuel Marking Solutions

Markers are added to refined fuels by national governments to combat smuggling, dilution and adulteration. Fuel marketers deploy marking programs to prevent grade switching and to ensure proper levels of additive are present. Proprietary markers can include those that can indicate a pass / fail or quantitative result in the field with test kits or portable analyzers, and forensic markers that are detected via laboratory-based analysis.

Authentix markers meet US Environmental Protection standards and contain only the elements of fuel – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen; no other materials are included that could create environmental issues when combusted.

The markers and analyzers are typically deployed in a multi-layered solution. The layers can include:

  • Pass / Fail – detection of the markers using immunoassay chromatography test kits for broad geographical distribution and pass / fail test results with minimal training required
  • Quantitative – mobile technology using fluorescent markers and analyzers with semi-skilled testing to quickly report results that can show dilution or adulteration levels
  • Forensic – simple and efficient collection of samples for centralized testing using mass-differentiated, non-launderable markers and gold-standard gas chromatography – mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analyzers that provide forensic results proving dilution and adulteration.

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