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Comprehensive Authentication Certification for Seamless Integration with Printers and Contract Manufacturing Organizations

An authentication program should not disrupt or force you to alter any current relationships with the companies who manufacture your products or print your packaging materials. With Authentix Authentication Solutions, your current vetted and qualified partners are enabled to mark products or packaging. A thorough, comprehensive Supplier Certification Program is completed by experienced technical managers from our Brand division as the solution is deployed.

To develop and implement the front end of an effective Brand Protection Program, all printers and contract manufacturers throughout the program need to be properly certified and enabled. To execute this, Authentix works directly with the printer and/or the contract manufacturer (CMO) in performing the following tasks:

  • Security and Printing Assessment Forms are sent to the printer and / or CMO. Authentix conducts an initial technical solution discussion with the supplier.
  • Information is returned from the printer and/or CMO and Authentix reviews all aspects of the security procedures at the printer / CMO location.
  • Authentix visits the printer / CMO and performs Security Audit and a Print Trial of the proposed technical solution.
  • Post-trial testing is performed and final security and printing reports are presented to the AgChem customer and the printer / CMO.
  • Authentix reviews Standard Operating Procedures with the printer / CMO and makes an additional visit for training and attending the first production run.
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