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Tax Stamp Options Offer Maximum Flexibility

Authentix offers technologies that can support a variety of tax stamp programs such as traditional programs relying upon basic secure tax stamps, digital excise tax recovery programs where a unique, encrypted code is printed directly onto the item, or hybrid tax stamp programs where a tax stamp contains an encrypted bar code in addition to a collection of overt and covert security features. Digital markings and hybrid stamps provide tracking information which enables an efficient collection of excise taxes. At the heart of these programs is a Tax Stamp Information System which collects the data provided by enforcement agents and approved manufacturers. Paper stamps are traditionally-applied labels enhanced with covert markers. Authentix is able to incorporate its machine readable covert features, forensic features, overt security materials, and encrypted bar code solutions into any of these tax stamp program approaches.


Optical Markers

Optical markers are applied in Authentix tax stamp designs as covert readable features. These markers respond to specific wavelengths of light to validate the authenticity of tax stamps.


Molecular Markers

Molecular markers are covert compounds that are extractable and detectable only by those aware of their presence. These mass-differentiated compounds provide forensic evidence for enforcement actions. They are extracted and tested for with an analysis protocol developed and executed in an Authentix laboratory or by the customer following Authentix protocols.


Optical Inks

Color-shifting or optically-variable inks take on different colors depending upon the observed angle. Whether a printed mark or advanced holography, this type of feature is part of an Authentix layered tax stamp design that is customized for each country and revenue agency. These inks allow a customer or merchant to easily determine, without the need for any inspection equipment, if a tax stamp is real.


Digital Symbology

Digital symbols can include encrypted and visible mobile-enabled 2D barcodes that can be scanned for verification, 10-digit alpha-numeric unique serial numbers and microprint that requires magnification to decipher. These visible or invisible barcodes can printed onto tax stamps or directly onto product. Real-time digital symbol data are stored in an encrypted database, which is part of a state-of-the-art tracking system, providing the highest level of security for Authentix excise tax revenue recovery programs.

Encrypted codes allow inspectors to identify manufacturers, location of production facilities, date of production and tax stamp value. As part of an overall tracking solution, inspections conducted at wholesalers and retailers can identify if the correct stamp or mark has been applied to the product and if the product has been diverted into illegal channels.


Tax Stamp Information System

Authentix offers a web-based tax stamp information system. This system services customers participating in digital and hybrid tax programs. Its capabilities include:

  • A web portal which provides segregated access for the various program stakeholders
  • An e-commerce module for the ordering of stamps and approval by the revenue agency
  • Online registering by manufacturers and the subsequent approval or rejection by the revenue agency
  • Tracking module
  • Reporting module
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