One Reader
Authenticates All Packaging


With Sherlox, the Authentix offering for Brand Protection, we work with your current printers and contract manufacturing organizations to add covert markers onto any type of substrate, simplifying deployment and authentication in the field. The new HVX 3000 handheld verifier can scan multiple types of covert markers, sending the results to a smart phone or other device. The scan results, date/time/location data and other information are automatically sent to a cloud-based information system that delivers actionable insights.

  • Vial Ferrules
  • Labels
  • Packages
  • Adhesives
  • Masterbatches
  • Tear tapes
  • Induction seals
  • Blister foil
  • Tamper evident seals


Virtually any type of packaging can be marked for your inspection teams to validate their authenticity at any point in your supply chain. And only Authentix Sherlox can mark vial ferrules, underneath vial caps for read-through authentication, maintaining the sterility of the drug and the integrity of the primary packaging.

Learn more about Sherlox and how Authentix can help your organization combat illicit trade in branded products.

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Why Inspector-Led Authentication is Here to Stay (and Better Than Ever) Counterfeiting is a real and growing problem that continues to pose a risk to public safety and the reputation of brand owners. This paper reviews the various solutions to the problem with a focus on enabling more sampling to be conducted by trained inspectors before the counterfeits make it to the shelves and before placing consumers at risk.


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