Authentication Empowerment – Risk Assessment Survey

Thank you for completing your personalized risk assessment survey. Based on your answers, your risk score is (6.1 – 7.4) and your risk level is


  • Action is needed to protect patient safety, your brand reputation and revenue loss
  • Should the risk materialize, significant disruption of supply chain and increased costs will occur.
  • Best practice suggests you develop a process to identify, quantify and inventory the risks of your high-value medicines. Start with creating an inventory, estimate the likelihood and severity of each drug risk, aggregate the risks, and rank them in priority order.

    We will work closely with you to conduct a more comprehensive assessment using product data. Our consultative approach will help you identify your product’s risk profile and help uncover hidden gaps in your supply chain that leave you vulnerable to counterfeiting activities.

    A managing director will contact you in the next few days to schedule a consultation.


    Drug Supply Chain Integrity – U.S. Food & Drug