Authentication Empowerment – Risk Assessment Survey

Thank you for completing your personalized risk assessment survey. Based on your answers, your risk score is (4 – 6) and your risk level is


  • Good news – Your product is at low risk of counterfeiting
  • Bad news – Your current supply chain may have dangerous gaps that you are not aware of
  • This risk assessment is just a start. Don’t discount the potential for unforeseen risks that might impact patient safety, your brand reputation and lost revenue. We know you operate in a complex environment with global suppliers and distributors. We can help you navigate your supply chain and help you identify the gaps. We help you thrive in complexity!

    Through a collaborative partnership, we help you uncover any gaps that might exist by using product data. We’d start by scheduling a consultation to understand your product’s risk profile and help identify the gaps that leave you vulnerable to counterfeiting activities.

    A managing director will contact you in the next few days to schedule a call.


    How counterfeit drugs enter the supply chain?