Markers and Devices to Authenticate Currency

Currency Solutions

For the protection of national currency, major central banks rely on Authentix’ banknote sensors to accurately and reliably detect the presence of Authentix security features. These sensors utilize advanced optical imaging techniques as well as ultra-sensitive detection of the emission properties of proprietary optical makers.

One solution, Jewel™, Banknote Security is based on an optical phenomenon not detectable by conventional optical systems. The signals generated depend upon the proprietary formulations and manufacturing process, providing Jewel the level of security required by a Level 3 feature. Read more about Jewel here.

Jewel can be added onto the banknote through a variety of printing methods. Some, such as overprint varnish, allow for a complete marking of each bill. Other print methods such as offset or intaglio can apply the feature to targeted locations and consume less material than application methods which mark the entire bill. Authentix will discuss with the Central Bank their needs and preferences in order to determine which of our on-product or in-production Jewel implementations are the optimum solution.

In addition to Jewel, other Authentix banknote security solutions include:

  • A multi-functional sensor which authenticates the notes and provides fitness-related information. The sensor images both sides of the note using multiple wavelengths of illumination and is able to process mixed denominations as well as notes that are randomly oriented. At the heart of the sensor, as well as our high speed platform, is a proprietary processing architecture, designed by Authentix that utilizes state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processors (DSP).
  • Enhanced infrared, Level 2 machine readable features that use materials with unique spectral properties in the near infrared and can be easily incorporated into banknote inks.
  • Two different fitness sensors customized to either paper or polymer banknotes. In addition to assessing the standard fitness metrics such as soiling, ink wear, graffiti, holes, tears, etc., the Authentix fitness sensors are also able to assess advanced optical features such as optically variable inks, lenticular array devices, and holographic features placed in polymer windows. One of our customers takes advantage of daily data downloads directly from our networked sensors. This data is beyond what the Bank’s note sorter can accommodate and is used as part of an ongoing data project to improve currency management by reducing processing costs and determining which features are bringing the Bank the most value.