Implementation Services

Implementation Services

Authentication Implementation Services

Personalized services is a critical component of a successful authentication program. With our advanced authentication solutions, governments, central banks and commercial product manufacturers can thrive in supply and distribution chain complexity. Personalized services is a critical component of a successful authentication program.

Once we have designed a solution architecture that defines the markers, devices, sampling procedures, management system, data analysis and reporting, Authentix executes implementation services to deliver the custom-tailored solution across a spectrum of delivery scenarios:

  • The customer purchases a fully outsourced program from Authentix, and Authentix is accountable for all implementation services
  • Authentix is a subcontractor to a third-party prime contractor
    – Authentix conducts implementation services based on the scope of work established with the prime contractor
    – Additionally, Authentix provides enabling services to enable the prime to implement a successful solution based on the Authentix offering.
  • The customer runs the program and Authentix provides enabling services to allow the customer to successfully implement the program

Authentix will designate an implementation manager to serve as the project manager throughout the Implementation Phase of the solution. The implementation manager is accountable for delivery of contractual requirements on schedule and within budget, while implementing the solution as prescribed in the technical solution set. During the Implementation Phase, Authentix will develop the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training materials covering operations in marking, sampling, testing, analysis, and reporting. We will deliver additional technical documentation and maintenance procedures as necessary, including the associated training and training materials on these procedures & methods to the customer, Authentix personnel, and relevant third parties.

We understand a proactive approach to authentication innovation is required as competitive threats and counterfeiting capabilities increase at alarming rates. Our expertise enables us to design, build and implement the most effective solutions possible. Our proven public and private sector expertise and collaborative customer partnerships ensure the programs implemented are comprehensive, technologically advanced and professionally executed. Our customers experience exemplary quality and flexibility with our services and solutions and, when combined with the integrity and responsiveness of our people, you will gain the Authentix advantage.