Design Services

Design Services

Design Services

Once the relevant key information about customer problems as noted on the Advisory Services page are understood, Authentix provides design services to develop a solution architecture using a selection of services, markers, devices and AXIS® modules. The scope and extent of design services conducted will vary based on the requirements of the customer’s solution and the proposed delivery approach.

Authentix will select the appropriate offering capabilities that will be custom-tailored based on the specific requirements of that customer, producing a technical solution set that prescribes the following:


  • The specific Authentix markers that will be used and the products they will mark
  • How the product will be marked – in-product, on-product
  • How marking will occur including locations and method
  • Marker design


  • Quality testing requirements with sampling locations, frequency, and testing method
  • Where samples will be collected and how they will be transported for testing and/or retention
  • Data to be collected with samples, and data collection tools and protocols
  • Chain-of-custody procedures and reporting


  • Type and location of testing (e.g., field testing, lab testing)
  • Testing equipment and devices required
  • Laboratory or testing facility infrastructure
  • Testing methods, protocols, thresholds, and accuracy requirements
  • Qualitative and quantitative results to collect


  • Additional data sources and systems integration
  • Data aggregation plan
  • Analysis software and methods


  • Reporting content, alert strategy and method of delivery
  • Reporting frequency and distribution

This technical solution will be used to build schedule and budget estimates and will form the basis for a proposal and an implementation plan for the solution.