Design Services

Design Services

You need the right design services to help you thrive in supply and distribution chain complexity.

With key findings from the Advisory Services, Authentix focuses on delivering personalized design services along with innovative authentication solutions to ensure a competitive advantage.

Authentix will lead you and your team to tailor an authentication solution based on your unique goals and challenges. This collaboration begins by designing the right program to meet your business objectives.

Below are sample questions addressed during the design phase:


  • What type of markers will be used and what products will be marked?
  • How will the product be marked – in-product, on-product?
  • What locations will be included in the marking program?
  • What is the marker design?


  • What are the quality testing requirements – sampling locations, frequency, and testing method?
  • Where will samples be collected and how they will be transported for testing and/or retention?
  • What data collection tools and protocols will be implemented for samples?
  • What Chain of custody procedures and reporting will be implemented?


  • What type of testing and in what location?
  • What type of testing equipment and devices required?
  • What is the laboratory or testing facility infrastructure?
  • What are the testing methods, protocols, thresholds, and accuracy requirements?
  • What type of qualitative and quantitative results should be collected?


  • What additional data sources and systems integration should be considered?
  • Do we have a data aggregation plan?
  • What is the right analysis software and methods for our business?


  • Do we have the right reporting content, alert strategy and method of delivery in place?
  • What is the right reporting frequency and distribution?

Working together we will design an authentication solution to meet your unique business objectives.