Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Authentication Advisory Services

With our advanced authentication solutions, governments, central banks and commercial product manufacturers can thrive in supply and distribution chain complexity. A key component of our solutions are Advisory Serices.

Now we have the right marking program in place for any type of program – fuel, consumer products or banknote security, Our goal is a successful authentication program with a clear understanding of the business conditions. Our program managers are ready to respond to business needs changing based on geographic events, emerging markets, industry economic cycles or regulatory reform.

With actionable insights, we help you uncover and address patterns of risk within the supply chain. Through a collaborative partnership, we help improve performance within marking operations, field sampling, and analysis of labs and devices.

As an enabler of customer success, we ensure that the focus is on productive change by bringing you expertise and capabilities to address the identified business problem.

  • Provide subject matter experts as appropriate to listen to the customer, surveying the processes and operations in order to understand the critical business issues, and their causes and effects
  • Provide insights on the customer’s specific problems, appropriate offerings that could be custom-tailored to deliver a solution, and success criteria for the solution
  • Understand supplemental information sources, review reporting and alert strategy
  • Provide customer confidence with a cross-functional, industry-experienced team that can implement a solution successfully and realize the benefits as expected

As an engagement progresses, we collect more information that will be needed in order to move to a solution design:

  • Confirm the problems that will be addressed and success criteria
  • List affected products and processes to be protected
  • Examine customer infrastructure and supply chain
  • Confirm escalation and enforcement steps for identified business cases
  • Identify solution constraints

We understand a proactive approach to authentication innovation is required as competitive threats and counterfeiting capabilities increase at alarming rates. Our expertise enables us to design, build and implement the most effective solutions possible. Our proven public and private sector expertise and collaborative customer partnerships ensure the programs implemented are comprehensive, technologically advanced and professionally executed. Our customers experience exemplary quality and flexibility with our services and solutions and, when combined with the integrity and responsiveness of our people, you will gain the Authentix advantage.