On the Case, 24/7

The toughest cases can only be cracked by the best investigative capabilities. That is why SIPI has invested in the latest machine-learning technology and created S-LOCK™: an investigative tool which is operational around the clock.

With data from over 500 online marketplaces, platforms and mobile apps around the world, S-LOCK™ identifies product clusters and global hot zones for brand owners. 30+ brand-specific data points allow S-LOCK™ to identify and target high-risk sellers. Clients have access to this information on the S-LOCK™ client dashboard, enabling complete and instant visibility to review and file complaints in a single click.

S-LOCK™ harnesses the power of technology and AI to render the most powerful online brand protection tools available


  • Fuzzy Search to look up high-risk

  • Seller investigation and clustering tools linked to store names, images and messenger ID’s

  • Automated crawl of 500+ e-commerce marketplaces and social media platforms.

  • Risk scorings based on the seller’s historical activity, images used, price, and keywords.


Protect your brand across the web

Marketplaces Social Media Independent Websites Mobile & Messenger Apps Search Engines Domains Video Platforms






Your Case Companion

Every great investigator needs an efficient companion to compile the requisite information on a given case and to assist in taking action. SIPI’s client dashboard includes WHAT’S-ON™, the perfect companion in the fight against online illicit counterfeiters. WHAT’S-ON™ contains a repository of seller-related information and easy-to-use interface to enable clients to track details of every case from online- and offline-investigation to takedowns.

WHAT’S-ON™ has a secure database regularly updated with access controls to comply with global privacy regulations, allowing rapid action based on the location of the seller(s). Thanks to an accompanying mobile application, WHAT’S-ON™ is available 24/7, with real-time updates on potential targets and cases.

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