Vigilant for Fuel Supply Integrity



The name Vigilant® was chosen to highlight the need to maintain a constant watch over a nation’s fuel supply chain to combat adulteration, dilution and smuggling. Illicit trade in refined fuels can be substantially reduced by implementing a fuel marking program in partnership with a national government’s strong enforcement regime. Once this strict oversight is relaxed or removed, the illicit trade returns.

With citizens concerned about fuel quality and the dependence of many government programs on fuel excise tax revenues, a fuel marking program that serves as an attentive overseer of an important national resource is a good governance fundamental.


About Vigilant

Authentix works with governments to ensure authentic products are sold in-country to benefit law-abiding citizens – not criminals. Fuel marking and tax stamp solutions enable governments to collect more excise taxes without raising taxes for the benefit of citizens and legitimate industries. As the authority in authentication since 1998, Authentix’s extensive, proven experience in public and private sector authentication solutions ensures the programs implemented for our customers are comprehensive, technologically advanced and professionally executed.

Authentix thrives in the most complex environments – from multi-national fuel programs to pharmaceutical regulatory compliance to the global currency trade. We understand the systems, processes and nuances increasing decision confidence to protect both investments and consumers. Through Authentix’s advanced authentication solutions, you can mitigate the risks associated  with fraudulent losses to extract your full revenue potential. Consistent authentication programs result in increased consumer confidence, loyalty and brand value, which can bolster future earnings. Competitive advantage can be found in Authentix’s comprehensive solutions. As we anticipate and identify issues within supply and distribution chains, we enable government, brand and product protection.

How it works – 1-2-3

Vigilant is built on Authentix’s core capabilities: chemical markers and analyzers, the AXIS® Information System, and Authentix Services.

1. Services – A team of fuel marking experts will work with Government Ministry personnel to identify the program goals and the fuel supply chain issues.

  • Advisory services recommend best practices, quickly identifying vulnerable spots in the supply chain and the development of an enforcement strategy that is in keeping with the country’s regulatory and statutory practices.
  • Design services develop the best solution architecture – including which fuels will be marked and where, the sampling regime to be put in place and the technology to be deployed.
  • Implementation services deploy Authentix project management resources both in-country and at headquarters to get the program up and running quickly. If the ongoing operational program is not run by Authentix, the implementation project will include training for 3rd party or government resources on program management and operational best practices.
  • Operational support includes a dedicated program manager at headquarters and annual program audits to ensure standard procedures and quality control practices are in use.

2. Markers and Analyzers – During the design phase the right markers and analyzers will be selected depending on the fuels to be marked, and where and how the sampling and testing will be done.

  • Authentix utilizes an integrated “lock and key” approach that allows the greatest security and accuracy.
  • A multi-layered approach can be employed by including several markers, such as one that can be tested for in the field, backed up by a marker detected by forensic laboratory testing. This approach allows for geographically-disbursed, rapid field testing with lab confirmation for enforcement action.

3. Information System – The AXIS Information System aggregates the data from marking operations, field sampling operations, testing results and other sources to present data-driven, actionable insights. The system is configurable to meet customer-specific business rules with the ability to schedule field sampling, forecast and detect trends, provide real-time reporting and accumulate information into case files.

How to get started

Contact us to schedule a complimentary supply chain assessment and fuel marking program ROI analysis. Learn how Vigilant can be custom-tailored to meet your government’s challenges with illicit trade in refined fuels.