Jewel for Banknote Security

Jewel for Banknote Security

The name Jewel was chosen to highlight the strong engineering facets of Authentix’s Level 3 currency security offering, including optical markers that can be integrated into ink, varnish or the substrate paired with sensors that can reliably detect the presence of the security features.

About Jewel

Authentix has over twenty years of experience assisting Central Banks in fighting counterfeiting activity. We are the only authentication company to deliver a formal end-to-end anti-counterfeiting offering that includes a highly flexible suite of optical markers, high speed banknote sensor technology and the implementation expertise to ensure the success of the feature.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Compatible with any banknote design
  • Used on paper or polymer substrates
  • Supplied by any banknote or substrate provider – use of the feature is controlled by the Central Bank
  • Integrated into any brand of high speed note sorters

How it Works

  • Optical Markers and High Speed Sensors – During the design phase the right markers and sensors will be selected based on your banknote design preferences and existing cash processing equipment. Authentix uses an integrated “lock and key” approach that allows the greatest security and accuracy – the sensors precisely identify the selected optical markers no matter where they are on or in the banknotes.
  • Services – Authentix consultants will provide their expertise integrating the sensors into the processing equipment and deploying the Jewel offering. A complete training program is included to support ongoing quality control of the markers and preventative maintenance of the sensors.

How to get started

Contact us to schedule a banknote security assessment and learn how Jewel can be custom-tailored to meet your counterfeiting challenges.