Information & Data Management

AXIS® Fuels

Data-Driven Fuel Integrity Program to Minimize Fuel Fraud

Data visualization is a critical ingredient in the fight against illicit fuel activity. AXIS Fuels is a secure, comprehensive, cloud based end-to-end technology platform designed for Fuel Authentication Programs. It delivers applications and technologies that enable Programs to aggregate all data relevant to the Program and helps derive actionable insights to safeguard fuel integrity.


Collect it. Store it. Organize it. Report it. All Fuel Authentication Program Results in One Place.

  • Digitized Forms

    AXIS Forms replaces manual forms simplifying the ability to collect, retrieve and store marking operations, sampling and device data.

  • Retail / Field Sample Results

    Spot Analysis Results instantly confirm molecular marker forensic presence.

  • Laboratory Information
    Management System

    Orchestrating the devices, processes and results within the program’s designated forensic laboratory.

  • Analysis Of Forensic

    Precise analytical results of your forensic sampling programs.

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