Tax Stamp Information System for Efficient Program Monitoring

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Tax Stamp Information System for Efficient Program Monitoring

Authentix offers a web-based tax stamp information system. This system services customers participating in digital and hybrid tax programs. Its capabilities include:

  • A web portal which provides segregated access for the various program stakeholders
  • An e-commerce module for the ordering of stamps and approval by the revenue agency
  • Online registering by manufacturers and the subsequent approval or rejection by the revenue agency
  • Tracking module
  • Reporting module

Digital: Secure symbology devices that deliver strong tracking solutions

For digital tax stamp programs, Authentix provides several device options for authenticating, decrypting and reading the secure codes:

  • a proprietary device for reading the secure barcodes directly printed on the products during manufacturing.
  • an off-the-shelf mobile phone or mobile computer based unit augmented with Authentix-designed hardware and software
  • an off-the-shelf mobile phone or mobile computer based accompanied by a separate blue tooth connected authentication device

Scanning the secure barcode with these devices can help inspectors identify manufacturers, the location of production facilities, date of production and tax stamp value.

For programs that use only visible barcodes, off-the-shelf scanning devices are used for tracking solutions. For consumers, a mobile app is available to validate that the product is not counterfeit.

As part of an overall tracking solution, scanning barcodes at wholesalers and retailers can identify where legitimate product was diverted into illegal channels or counterfeit product inserted into legitimate channels in support of enforcement activities.

Hybrid: Digital tax stamp features added to label-based excise tax programs

Suitable for retrofitting into existing product manufacturing facilities with limited disruption, hybrid tax stamp programs have many of the features and benefits of fully digital programs and provide for enhanced security provided by the security features which can be carried by the stamp. Stamp design can include tamper-evident seals, optical inks or holograms and guilloche security printing. On-label, secure ink jet digital features can include encrypted, visible or invisible 2-D barcodes suitable for scanning with mobile apps or barcode scanners, a readable 10-digit alpha-numeric serial number or microprint. Covert features include proprietary optical markers that can be scanned with Authentix readers in the field and molecular markers that can be validated in an Authentix laboratory.

Each program includes an e-commerce ordering and fulfillment system. This secure, web-based platform offers real-time tracking capabilities, as well as quality control equipment to ensure that no product leaves the manufacturer without a valid, legible tax stamp.

Paper: Traditionally-applied labels enhanced with covert markers

Authentix machine readable markers, forensic markers and optically variable inks are also compatible with traditional tax stamp designs that do not provide tracking information.