Comprehensive Tax Stamp Solutions

Tax Stamps

  • Over 1 billion products are tax stamped annually in a prominent African country
  • Expertise in designing, implementing and managing successful, high ROI tax stamp programs

What is a tax stamp program?

Governments rely on taxed products as significant revenue sources. Criminal activities such as diversion, counterfeiting, and tax evasion steal this financial resource from the country and its citizens. When tax revenues are stolen, critical government programs go unfunded and health and public services suffer.

Authentix provides comprehensive programs that enable finance ministries to accurately and efficiently collect excise taxes to fund programs, protect the health and safety of the population, and promote market opportunities for compliant manufacturers.

These programs can recover hundreds of millions of dollars in otherwise lost taxes across the tobacco, spirits and beverages industries by helping revenue agencies identify where contraband and counterfeit items are permeating the marketplace. With this information revenue agencies can efficiently target their enforcement resources to stop the flow of the contraband items.

Flexible Marking Options

Authentix works with industry leading partners to provide multiple tax stamp program options to meet specific customer needs. Tax stamp programs include any combination of traditionally-applied paper stamps, fully digital marks applied by ink jet printing, or a hybrid approach depending upon the needs of the country and the revenue agency. The stamps can have overt and covert features that are readily authenticated in the field using Authentix handheld readers or mobile device apps including encrypted 2D barcodes, alphanumeric serial numbers and / or microprint. Digital tax stamps can also be printed directly on products using secure inks for encrypted barcodes. All stamps also contain a molecular marker that is extractable for forensic testing in an Authentix laboratory.

Integrated Reporting

A simple-to-use e-commerce ordering platform with an integral Tax Stamp Information System provides the taxing authority with full visibility into the program. Through the Tax Stamp Information System the revenue agency is able to:

  • Approve the registrations of program participants
  • Approve the ordering of stamps or codes
  • Monitor the fulfillment status of orders which have been placed
  • Monitor the enforcement activities by the field agents
    Customs inspections and random audits are conducted with all of the required information to validate products in the field and take any necessary enforcement actions. Successful implementation of this system enables a prominent African country to mark over one billion products a year.