Instant In-field Authentication of Medicines

Services – Pharma

Fully Integrated Authentication Brand Protection Solutions

Authentix is unique in providing fully-integrated authentication solutions that enable pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to protect their products in complex supply and distribution channels. Each customer’s challenges are evaluated as part of our advisory services. A design phase details the technology application and what field monitoring approach will be used. When the program is in operation, we provide quality control testing and field sample retention services. This comprehensive approach ensures full supply chain security for your products. And because we work directly with your current printers and contract manufacturing organizations, one authentication solution can be used across many different substrates, simplifying deployment and authentication in the field.

Printer Support and Security Assessments

Authentix has developed detailed Standard Operating Procedures and a Security Assessment process that is utilized for initial printer assessments and the ongoing monitoring of 3rd party printers who handle security materials on behalf of the brand owner. For each customer application, Authentix maintains a global program manager and a program management support network who are immediately responsive to technical questions, issues, training requirements, or new projects that may arise at the manufacturing site or 3rd party printer locations. This capability leverages multiple Authentix personnel with specific sector expertise.

Quality Control Testing / Retains / Counterfeit Incident Support

Physical retains of finished packaging components from every print run (job number) are returned to Authentix for confirmatory QC testing and archiving in our retain system. This information and the associated samples are available for case file support to any field investigations that may arise. In addition, Authentix provides laboratory expertise and services to support the analysis of suspect samples that may arise in association with field investigations and enforcement activities.

Supply Chain Production Data Management

Full records are maintained of security material usage and the associated finished security packaging that is produced from those security materials. This information supports a reconciliation process that enables security material usage to be closely monitored and investigated as may be required. This information also provides brand owners with a readily accessible database of detailed manufacturing information from all global manufacturing sites that are utilizing the security materials. Multiple Authentix resources are utilized for the collection, monitoring, and sharing of this information with our customers.

Sampling Services

Authentix works with customers in a variety of ways in obtaining field samples.

Typically, the pharmaceutical customer has their own sampling and inspection teams. In this scenario, Authentix partners with the appropriate resources and provides material, readers and training. Other companies look to Authentix to partner with a staffing agency; providing training and readers that enable them to collect samples on behalf of the customer. And some prefer to do their own sampling and rely on Authentix for authenticity analysis.

In whatever way your company wants to work with the Authentix Brand Protection experts, we can accommodate your requirements.