Best Practices for Developing an Authentication Solution to Protect your Pharmaceutical Brand

How to Design a BP Program – Pharma

Best Practices for Creating a Sustainable Pharmaceutical Brand Protection Program

A successful authentication solution provides instant in-field results that enable investigators to immediately take action to halt the distribution of counterfeit or illicit medicines.

Authentix has over 20 years experience protecting brands from counterfeiting and diversion. Below are the best practices that history shows work very well for our pharmaceutical customers:

  • Mark official brand materials and / or products with both overt and covert technologies and start now, as it can take time to fill up the supply chain with ‘marked’ product so that it may be monitored in the field
  • Investigate downstream within the supply chain including distribution inspections; conduct audits to detect official brand products vs. counterfeits
  • Select technology that can capture test results and locations from the field, aggregate it with data from other sources and provide the insight to take action
  • Promote the existence of the anti-counterfeit features
  • Continuously review potential improvements to the program by evaluating the technologies and methods, investigative tools and techniques, and when necessary update the program