Advanced Authentication Solutions to help Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Combat Counterfeiting

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

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  • Trusted to protect products for seven of the top  global pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Instant in-field authentication
  • Multi-layer product authentication
  • Proven sector expertise

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are now a $200 billion annual business linked to approximately one million deaths each year. These counterfeit medicines are a threat to patient safety, brand reputation and lost revenue.

Our advanced authentication solution provides instant in-field verification that a medicine is authentic or not. With our end-to-end customized offering, we provide integrated solutions that enable manufacturers to protect their products in complex supply and distribution chains.

Included in our program offerings are:

  • Product Authentication: In-Product & On-Package
  • Global Field Monitoring Programs & Services

Authentix’ advanced solutions protect manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. These solutions mitigate risks to promote revenue growth and gain competitive advantage.