Authentication Solutions Trusted to Combat Counterfeiting and Diversion

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

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  • Trusted to protect products for seven of the top 25 global healthcare companies
  • Unique ability to mark on vial ferrules, underneath vial caps for read-through, distance-read authentication of vial-contained drugs to maintain sterility of drug and primary packaging
  • Unique in-product marking capability using human-ingestible markers
  • Deployed late stage customization programs in developing regions
  • Full service provider for deploying authentication tamper evident seals

Counterfeiting and diversion of medicines and medical products are global issues that affect all countries. These illegal activities threaten the health and welfare of the citizens who receive fake or substandard product, as well as threaten the revenues of brand owners. These activities also undermine the efforts of the government to ensure the availability of affordable drugs to its citizens, thus enabling the proliferation of disease, which can lead to development of drug resistant pathogens.

Authentix is the only solutions provider that can authenticate products and their packaging in the field. With this beginning-to-end approach, Authentix provides integrated programs that enable manufacturers to protect their products in complex supply and distribution chains.

Included in our program offerings are:

  • Product Authentication: In-Product & On-Package
  • Global Field Monitoring Programs & Services