Secure Fuel Quality & Recover Excise Taxes

Fuel Marking Programs for National Governments

Secure Fuel Quality & Recover Excise Taxes

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What is a Fuel Marking Program?

Vigilant®, an Authentix Fuel Marking Program, effectively combats fuel adulteration, dilution and smuggling. To prevent these illegal and potentially harmful activities, Authentix designs a custom-tailored solution including proprietary fuel markers and analyzers unique to each program. With Vigilant, Authentix helps ensure fuel products sold in-country are from legitimate sources, of good quality, and are not harming local economies or the environment.

A Fuel Marking Program starts with the addition of unique markers to various fuels. Fuel samples are gathered from retail stations and analyzed to identify the source of the fuel, and to check if the correct amount of marker is present. The program is managed using modules from AXIS®, a workflow management and business intelligence system designed to deliver actionable insights to combat illicit activity. These modules enable customers to manage all parts of the program – marking fuels, taking samples, performing field and lab testing, and reporting on the program’s results.

A dedicated Program Manager is assigned to support each program, ensuring success as the program evolves.

Benefits of a Fuel Marking Program?

Vigilant empowers governments to:

  • Recover lost excise and value-added tax revenue without raising taxes
  • Prevent subsidy abuse
  • Serve the public by increasing available funding for government benefits
  • Ensure consistent consumer satisfaction by providing quality fuels
  • Diminish damage to car engines and reduction in fuel economy, and combat increasing air pollution caused by adulterated fuel
  • Reduce and take action against criminal activity including smuggling, which contributes to good governance initiatives
  • Collect data and run analytics to find and fill gaps within a fuel supply chain

How to Get Started on a Fuel Marking Program?

Authentix works closely with customers to clarify a problem, identifying the potential sources of illicit activity, examining their impact both monetarily and on society. A supply chain review is conducted, looking for places where controls are lax or missing and counterfeit or adulterated fuels can get into distribution systems. To start the process, simply contact Authentix.