Protect Your Brand Integrity

Brand Protection for Fuels

What is a Fuel Marking Program for Brands?

Assure™, an Authentix Fuel Marking Program for Brands, helps an oil marketing company attain and maintain its revenue targets for branded and differentiated fuels by illuminating the supply chain to definitively identify the opportunistic and fraudulent dilution, as well as systemic quality problems which arise at distribution terminals.

A key attribute of an effective program is its ability to accurately identify minimal levels of dilution at any point in the supply chain. Typically, when the additive package is blended into a fuel, a very small amount of a unique marker (at concentrations lower than one part-per-million) is also added. In circumstances where the blending of a marker to an additive package is not possible or practical, it can be added at the terminal via manual addition or through automated injection systems.

Beginning with the manufacturer of the proprietary additive package, the program follows differentiated and branded products through the supply chain to the fuel terminals, then through the transport network, and eventually reaching each retail fuel station. The intent is to verify how petroleum products are sold. Because even minimal dilution of a fuel can be detected, Authentix technologies are able to monitor the entire supply chain, ensuring the proper branded fuel is being delivered to the station and to the consumer.

The most successful Fuel Marking Programs involve a number of best practices developed by Authentix over the course of 20 years in the business, where over one-trillion liters of fuel has been authenticated. The processes and procedures that go into a Fuel Marking Program are custom-tailored to the unique requirements of each oil marketing company via an interactive program design phase, followed by implementation and ongoing operations, including continuous process improvements.

Regular program reviews and audits ensure the program is meeting or exceeding its stated objectives and return on investment.

Benefits of a Brand Protection Program

Assure effectively combats fuel fraud, dilution and diversion that can occur within the fuel supply chain.

Deploying this solution ensures that fuel products are delivered with integrity and of guaranteed quality. In addition, the program delivers:

  • Recovery of lost revenue due to sales of inferior fuels at branded stations
  • Lowered risk of customer dissatisfaction with poor quality fuels – delivering on your brand promise
  • Decreased air pollution and reduced vehicle emissions due to fuels with low additive content

How to Get Started on a Fuel Marking Program?

Authentix works closely with customers to clarify a problem, identifying the potential sources of illicit activity, examining their impact both monetarily and on the impact to the brand. A supply chain review is conducted, looking for places where controls are lax or missing or diluted fuels can get into distribution systems. To start the process, simply contact Authentix.