Whitepaper – Authentication in Pharmaceuticals: A 5-step Risk Assessment Strategy


Whitepaper – Authentication in Pharmaceuticals: 5-Step Risk Assessment Strategy


Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are a $200 billion annual business, linked to approximately one million deaths each year. To close the gap, it is vital to ensure the integrity of your pharmaceutical supply chain and protect product lines.

While you may not be able to fully prevent counterfeiting, you can limit the risks by taking a proactive approach. In this whitepaper, Authentix shares a five-step risk assessment strategy to ensure consistent and sustainable authentication of your pharmaceuticals.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to utilize a risk inventory and multi-factor risk categories to identify vulnerabilities in your supply chain
  • The brand value of a proactive approach when facing a high-profile incident of counterfeiting
  • Why data-based improvements are essential for a sustainable authentication solution

In pharmaceuticals, counterfeiting is a ‘not it, but when’ incident which can have lasting impact on both your product lines and consumer trust. Find out how to have a proactive approach to the growing threat of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.


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