Protect Your R&D Investment with Rapid, Unequivocal Authentication


  • Trusted by industry majors around the globe, including 3 of the “Big 5” R & D based multinationals
  • Rapid unequivocal authentication of proprietary offerings to combat license abuse and counterfeiting
  • Combats major agrochemical market issues with a broad technology base, including in-product and on-package authentication

What is an Agrochemical Authentication Solution?

Authentix is a trusted partner of leading global agrochemical companies and will work with each new agrochemical customer to build a program that uses proven solutions for crop authentication and to combat the issues of counterfeiting, substitution, adulteration, and illegal trade.

Authentix is unique in the industry in being able to authenticate products as well as their packaging by using a multi-layered approach, incorporating in-product and on-package authentication.

In-product markers include organic, FDA-accepted markers that are added at trace levels to formulations and provide definitive authentication. In conjunction with other advanced technologies, these markers can be used to detect counterfeiting, adulteration or substitution. They are applied at parts-per-million or parts-per-billion concentrations into the licensed components of their products. Analysis can then be either field or laboratory based utilizing proprietary test methods.

Authentix will then train the manufacturer’s personnel to use the specific test kits to perform the laboratory analysis, allowing the manufacturer to monitor their product in the market.

Authentix also provides a comprehensive array of technologies for the authentication of packaging materials. By combining overt, covert and forensic packaging authentication technologies, customer can authenticate products after formulation, while enabling the customer, government, or Authentix inspectors, to unequivocally determine a product’s pedigree in the field.

While the marking of the product and investigation in the market are two key elements of the program, enforcement actions coordinated with the customer’s legal team is also an important element within a brand protection program. Warning notifications, loss of contract, and financial penalties are all examples of enforcement taken by the customer to protect their product.

Promoting the anti-counterfeit and product protection program and installing a continuous improvement program to stay current with the latest technologies and investigative tools are the final two elements in a successful agrochemical authentication solution.

Benefits of an Agrochemical Authentication Solution

The benefits of following a disciplined methodology include the ability for companies to protect their pricing, margins, market share and revenue base, while thwarting threats to their brands, trademarks, copyrighted material, patents, and intellectual property rights.

Authentix provides agrochemical brand owners with end-to-end product authentication solutions that help increase market confidence, maximize revenues and facilitate market expansion. Our solutions enable agrochemical brand owners to expand into new and emerging markets free of the concerns raised by counterfeiting while protecting brand equity and assuring program integrity.

  • Brand and Quality Assurance: Customers get the high quality product they are paying for
  • Increase Market Share: Brands that fulfill their brand promise acquire more customers
  • Increase Revenue: Increased volumes of legitimate product are sold when counterfeit products are removed from the market
  • How to Get Started with an Authentix Authentication Solution?

    Authentix works closely with customers to clarify a problem, identifying the potential sources of illicit activity, examining their impact both monetarily and on the brand promise. A supply chain review is conducted, looking for places where controls are lax or missing and counterfeit or adulterated products / materials can get into distribution systems. To start the process, simply contact Authentix.